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Why do we make Hema-Free nail polish?



In addition to the annual CLP annual technical progress amendments, the European Commission can also amend the existing EU cosmetic regulation 1223/2009 and does so on a regular basis based on the advice of their Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS).

With respect to HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC, the recommendation was that these substances can cause allergic skin reactions when applied incorrectly (especially in self-applied retail products) and their use should be restricted to ‘professional use only’.

Consequently, all retail cosmetic nail products containing HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC had to be removed from sale in the EU by the 3rd September 2021.

Where Does This Apply?

This applies across the EU who have also restricted the use Benzophenone and TMPTA. The UK Government adopted the EU 1223/2009 cosmetic regulations in full from the 1st January 2021, the amendment to restrict the use and sale of retail cosmetic products containing HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC is enforceable in the UK, but the use of Benzophenone and TMPTA is still allowed.­­

Chemence Cosmetics has removed all 4 substances from our nail gels, top coats, and soak-off polishes so these are compliant for sale/use anywhere Europe


Be Aware

Hema and is still allowed in professional products up to 35% and Di-Hema up to 99%, so there are still manufacturers out there making products that contain these 2 substances.

Compared to the consumers (those having their nails treated), the potential for sensitisation to HEMA is considerably higher amongst the professional users when protective measures are neglected.” we would remind nail technicians to use appropriate PPE if using any professional products that still contain HEMA or Di-Hema

Ready to elevate your nail game with HEMA free gel polish? 

Explore our extensive range of colours and finishes, designed to suit every style and occasion. Whether you prefer classic neutrals, bold statement hues, or trendy nail art effects, we have the perfect gel polish for you. And rest assured, each formula is HEMA free, so you can indulge in beautiful nails with confidence.

Chemence-Cosmetics-Top & Base Coats

Soak-Off LED/UV Gel Polish

HEMA & Di-HEMA Free Range

Chemence offers a professional LED/UV gel polish known for its technical superiority. Our system boasts a high gloss finish and deep colour pigment coverage. It’s hard-wearing and durable, resisting chips, scratches, and lifting. Free from both HEMA and Di-HEMA, our nail friendly formulations are designed with safety in mind.

Our soak off gel polish colour library contains over 6,000 exciting colours
with seasonal collections released every year.

Contact us to discuss your bespoke private label requirements or colour matching options.

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